Contribution of Mirroring Processes to Human Mindreading

La Contribution des Processus de Résonance à la Cognition Sociale

International Workshop, December 8-11, 2005
Château de Maffliers, France

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R. Breheny

Communication and Folk Psychology.
B. Calvo-Merino, D.E. Glaser, J. Grèzes, R.E. Passingham and P. Haggard
Action observation and acquired motor skills: an fMRI study with expert dancers.
G. Csibra
L. Fogassi, P.F. Ferrari, B.Gesierich, S. Rozzi, F. Chersi, G. Rizzolatti Parietal Lobe: From Action Organization to Intention Understanding.
V. Gallese Intentional attunement: a neurophysiological perspective on social cognition

G. Gergely & G. Csibra

The social construction of the cultural mind. Imitative learning as a mechanism of human pedagogy.
A.I. Goldman &
Chandra Sekhar Sripada

Simulationist models of face-based emotion recognition.

R.M. Gordon

Talk (Precis).

R.M. Gordon

M. Iacoboni, I. Molnar-Szakacs, V. Gallese, G. Buccino, J.C. Mazziotta, G. Rizzolatti
Grasping the Intentions of Others with One's Own Mirror Neuron System.
Pierre Jacob et Marc Jeannerod The motor theory of social cognition: a critique
A.N. Meltzoff

D.J. Povinelli

Behind the ape's appearance: escaping anthropocentrism in the study of other minds.

D.J. Povinelli & J. Vonk

We don't need a Microscope to Explore the Chimpanzee's Mind.
R. Saxe

Againts simulation: the argument from error

D. Sperber & D.Wilson Pragmatics, Modularity and Mind-reading.





















This workshop is organized by members of the Institut Jean Nicod, as part of the networking activities of the ESF programme "Mindreading and the emergence of human communication". It is financially supported by the European Science Foundation (Eurocores, OMLL), the Ile-de-France Regional Council and the IPSEN Foundation, and institutionally supported by the Department of Cognitive Studies (Département d'Etudes Cognitives) of Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris).